The Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club located just off Highway 60 south of Billings, Missouri offers many shooting opportunities for all. All of the SBRC Matches are open to the public. Visit their website for more information about obtaining a membership.

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With Obama's New Executive Orders trying to ban "Person to Person" private firearm sales, everyone that can not pass a background check are trying to stock up just in case it actually becomes law. We have received numerous phone calls and emails about purchasing a firearm, and as soon as they realize we are a dealer they hang up. Just because someone can not pass the background does not mean they are a bad person, but it is our duty as responsible gun owners to be diligent about who we sell a firearm to. There are 3 easy ways that can make a difference in  a Person to Person Sale, and help weed out the bad ones......

1. Only sell to a Conceal & Carry permit Holder

2. Require a bill of sale with the Name and Address of the buyer and seller (click the picture above to download a copy)

3. Make them meet you at a local gun shop and have the FFL transfer the firearm for you.

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